The Fun Boat

We had a big week last week so it’s nice to settle back into regular patterns.
The Australia Day BBQ was good and Fraser had another fun day playing with more kids.
Fraser had a Nana & Pop day on Saturday. I went and had lunch with Miss B while he had a busy day playing. On Sunday we all went to the swimming pool. At first, Fraser didn’t like it much but we persevered and by the end he didn’t want to get out! He was so knackered from all that exercise that we all went home for a nap at 3pm.

I have come up with a loose plan of activities for the day. I’ve found that if I don’t do something like this I get distracted by the computer and Fraser gets bored and whingey. I feel like the activities director a cruise ship but today went well. We played together alot but he also had some time playing on his own and I cut back TV time. To kick things off I laminated some colour-in templates from ABC Kids website and Fraser coloured on them with whiteboard markers. I will be trying to keep this up as a regular thing and as time goes on I’ll have more fun activities up my sleeve.

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