Of mayhem and barbecues

So many things have been and gone since I last posted. Chops is still here, though she has eaten my gardenia. It was about to produce it’s first flower. Bugger. So I have placed it into special care nursery along with a few half eaten mondo grass. I can see Chops heading out to pasture once I get mroe garden.

Fraser is loving daycare. He says ‘bye’ and runs off to play. He’s coming out with new words all the time now. Door, chair, shoes, poo.. and he now calls me ‘mum’ or ‘mumum’. Finally. :)
His blood test came back all clear so I guess I’ll just keep monitoring the neck lump for changes. At least I can stop worrying about nasty immune-depressant things.

We’ve just had a friend/former colleague of mine visit from the Netherlands. He brought his new girlfriend and his 3 kids. A 5 year old and 4 year old twins. Talk about mayhem. It was mayhem. Loud. But they were well behaved and Fraser had such a great time. They arrived yesterday afternoon and stayed over.

Tomorrow is Australia Day and we’re visiting Monica and family in Moss Vale for lunch.

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  1. ok, so this is a bit belated. we had a great time there! it was a shame we couldnt stay longer as it seemed as tho we were in and out in a flash. would have been nice to stay another night, relax, drink more beer, eat more meat, and ride the bike more.. :-)

    all you guys need to do now is get your arses over here! :-)

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