Our neighbours brought over a lamb last night. She wandered into their flock a couple of weeks ago and no-one has claimed her. So we scored a free lawn mowing service. She’s weaned so she just drinks water and eats the grass. I was thinking of calling her Chops. Is that mean?
I went out just now to take a photo of her but can’t find her!?!
I can only think she’s artfully hiding in the long grass or she nicked off silently while Matt was driving out the gate today. I’m very sad because I want to keep her! I hope, if she has run off, that she went back to the flock next door. I’ll have to ask the neighbours to keep an eye out.

The chooks are happy wandering further away from the pen now so that’s a bit exciting. The farm manager of the big estate up the road wants to give us a cockerel in a few weeks. So we might have another feathered resident soon.

We had my parents down on Fri/Sat. Dad helped me finish my garden bed and planted a heap of irises.


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