First night/First day

Fraser has adjusted very well to his new bed. The first night he woke a few times and wouldn’t go back to sleep unless he was with one of us. So Matt went and slept in with Fraser until he could get out without waking him up.
The two nights since then have been fine. He has slept all the way through til 6am. We think by keeping him up for an extra half an hour in the evening it’s helping him sleep through. Last night I went to check on him before going to bed and he was asleep on the bottom mattress. He must have fallen out of bed and not even noticed! In the morning he bangs on the door or calls out and I get up, open his door and we start the day. One day he might wake up and play with his toys for a while instead. I hope. :)

Yesterday was the first day at his new daycare. Amanda said he had a good day. No tears. He had a sleep and ate lots. He was fascinated with flushing the little toilets and playing with the taps and toilet paper. All the stuff I don’t let him do at home. I did a bit of shopping and saw a movie to fill in the day.

I keep meaning to update his stats from the doctors appointment the other day. 86cm and 13kg. Weight is slightly over average and height is pretty much right on.

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