Welcome to 2006.

Went to the neighbour’s NYE bash. It was a big night, all the locals plus some Woollongong people. Fraser didn’t go to sleep in his portacot until 11.30pm! I stayed for midnight and a bit of a boogie then transferred Fraser to the car and brought him home. I left Matt at the party on the understanding that he would get himself home somehow.
I got home around 12.45 and put Fraser into bed then sat on the verandah drinking a Bloody Mary and listening to the party music travelling through the countryside.
Matt stumbled in at 3.30. I was still awake.. couldn’t get to sleep.
I expected a sleep-in due to Fraser’s late night but.. noooooo.. he had other ideas and was up and about at 5.30! I’d had less than 2 hours sleep. I was most definitely a cranky mummy.

At 9.30am I put Fraser back to bed and I went and napped too. Matt says next year is my NYE. Hopefully I’m in a fit state to enjoy it.

Anyway, i was most pleased when Fraser slept all the way through from 7pm to 6am last night.

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