Merry Christmas

Christmas morning was exactly as I had hoped. Fraser got up and we came out to the living room window. Santa had left the swing set and Fraser was a little baffled, I think.
The kids had some goes on the swings and slide until everyone was up. We sat around the tree and Matt handed out the presents. Fraser got right into it – unwrapping gifts, handing gifts out to people, playing with his new toys.

I got my main Christmas presents early – a second hand chook shed and 4 chooks.

Matt has forgotten what breed of chook they are but it starts with MUL…? I haven’t googled anything up yet. On ChristmaS morning he gave me gumboots and a few other bits and pieces. I gave Matt a circular saw and Coffee machine and few other small things. We both went over budget on each other.

Fraser got lots of things including a chalkboard, clam shell, tonka truck, and other stuff.

Then it was back to preparation as guests would be arriving for lunch. I made the chocolate cake and we made the chickpea salad. Dad carved the ham and turkey and pulled the BBQd chooks apart. The favourite foods of the day were the chocolate cake, strawberry pav and chickpea salad.

We ended up with 24 people at lunch, with 10 people staying over at The Lodge across the road, 8 people staying over at our house, and Matt’s parents in their camper. Dinner was left overs and breakfast was eggs, bacon and sausages. After breakfast, 9 people from The Lodge left to go to their next engagement, and 3 people from my family arrived to spend Boxing day/night with us.
With the constant stream of comings and goings we didn’t get the place to ourselves until Tuesday. I’m pleased to say the house held up well. On Thursday I did a fingermark patrol and recovery clean.

On Wednesday we did a trek to Canberra to spend our Bunnings dollars. Matt bought an aircompressor and I bought blue paint for Fraser’s new room. I have already started painting.


  1. I’ve actually found that the cockerel makes life easier — he helps you look after the hens! He corrals them into the hen house when it’s getting dark, he points out choice specimens of food, he alerts them when there’s a potential predator nearby…

    Have you had any eggs yet?

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