It begins…

Mum came down yesterday to help with preparations for CHristmas. So we did the big grocery shop together and she kept Fraser amused while I crossed things off on my list.
This morning the ILs arrived along with Dad and Grandma. Shan, AJ and Sav arrived after lunch.
We sorted out the accommodation arrangements, Dad put up the other curtain that’s been languishing since Matt put up the first one, and a trip to the tip was done. We prepared strawberries for the pav, made the potato salad, roasted the pork, drank and go toasted (niiiicely toasted).
I marinated steak and prawns for bbq dinner and we had sausages and caesar salad.
After dinner Santa and his elves put together the swing set. A marathon 3.5 hours or so. Grandma got completely sozzled and pinballed her way down the hall to her bedroom.

A productive day. Now we’re ready for Santa.

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