4 sleeps

Well, I am all ready for Christmas mayhem. All presents wrapped.. bar one which is still in the making. Fridge cleaned out, alcohol bought, menus for Fri-Sun prepared (I presume leftovers will feature after that), shopping list in progress, take-out-of-freezer list done, house is clean and mostly tidy.
And thanks to countless maritime disasters the kitchen floor has never been so clean. Fraser keeps harassing the water cooler that Matt decided to bring indoors the other day. Yay for the Big Kev chamois.

So.. are you interested in my Christmas menu?
Too bad, here it is anyway. :D
22 ppl for Christmas (2 ppl not coming, 2 ppl coming at dinner instead)

Ham **
turkey buffe **
2 chooks
2 lamb legs **
roast pork
prawns **
green salad **
pasta salad **
potato salad
chickpea salad
strawberry pav
christmas puddings **
chocolate cake
fruit platter/fruit salad **
(Nibbles and drinks)

** provided by others

It will be a cold buffet. I was going to include some roasted sweet potato and carrot but I don’t see a need. Looks like heaps of meat but there will be people around for dinner and lunch the next day. I don’t think the cake is really needed either but maybe I’ll make it for those who dont want the puddings or the pav, i.e. me. :)

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