Sad sacks

We’ve decided to take Tipsy back to her rescuer. :|
We feel disappointed in ourselves and so incredibly guilty.

There is nothing wrong with her. She is a lovely, friendly dog. She began to warm to us on Sunday and is happy to see us. Our yard is just not as secure as we thought it was and we don’t want to see anything happen to her because we couldn’t keep her secure. Nor do we want to keep her on a chain the whole time.

Argh. I just feel dreadful that we haven’t given it a proper go. Rhonda said we’re the first people to bring a dog back but she assured us not to be discouraged. Try another dog. It seems our yard needs alot more work before we should try again with another dog.

SOrry Tipsy…


  1. dont feel guilty. its like giving someone up for adoption – it feels bad – but its so incredibly selfless. You would be selfish to keep Tipsy knowing she can escape and possibly get hurt. Chin up! :-)

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