Party central #1

So to take up where I left off last post …

I forgot to mention that we went on to our mothers’ group christmas party after Aunty Ann’s. The kids all played on the playground equipment at the apartments, the mums sat around on the grass talking about babies again as 4 of them are due with their second soon, and the dads talked about work and stuff.
We did a secret santa for the kids and Fraser got a Hairy McLary book.

I had some kid-free time this last week. Fraser went into Tafe daycare for Thursday and Friday while I did some shopping and other things. On Thursday I went to the movies. I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I think I must have missed a movie or two in between as a fair bit was lost on me but any escapism is good escapism.
On Friday we had the playgroup Christmas party so we went to that and had a visit from another Santa. Fraser didn’t like this one so much and cried. Aah well.. Santa gave Fraser a present (a counting book) and then we skeddadled off into town as I had my acupuncture appointment. Dropped him in at daycare on the way through town. In fact, fraser must have had such a hardcore day at tafe that he slept all the way through til 5am. I woke just before 5am and wondered where the hell was he?? So I opened his door and could hear him breathing, so went back to bed. Ten mins or so later he woke up.
The carers told me Fraser had them in stitches yesterday. The kids had incream and chocolate frogs becuase it was their last day. Fraser got his chocolate frog and said “oh dear”.. this made the other kids laugh.. their laughing made him laugh.. and on it went. It must have been a funny sight.

I’ve mentioned previously that I had acupuncture before. Two sessions with a Bondi practitioner and then we conceived. I didn’t really like those acupuncture sessions much as I felt involuntary muscle movements or something and she did alot of adjustments. This guy was much better. Poked the needles in and that was that. He explained what was happening – my kidneys are yin-deficient, so he placed needles along the kidney meridian, and he placed needles across my tummy for the reproductive bits – and then he went away and left me to rest for 20 mins. Dude, I would pay you just to let me lie on your massage table for 20 mins in the middle of the day in the peace and quiet. I’m sure I dozed off. I felt so energized but relaxed all at the same time when i left. I am going back again on Thursday for another treatment and we will then wait and see for a month. Boy, am I looking forward to dozing off again!

Back to the dog biz.
Last night was better. We have a chain hooked up to a star picket which allows Tipsy plenty of length to get in and out of her kennel and walk around the bay window a bit to pee etc. We slept much better knowing she was comfortable in her kennel and we wouldn’t wake to dog poo. Matt did a fence patrol this morning and blocked up the areas where we know she can get out. I think she’s starting to like us as she was happy spending time in her kennel for quite a while today, unchained. She also gets some time inside with us.

We hosted a Christmas party here today for Matt’s work crowd from Goulburn internet/Wirefree. We had 16 people and another toddler. It ended up going quite well even though we had all these people crammed around a table big enough for 8. People BYO’d booze and some nibblies. The boss even included Fraser and I on the gift-giving. I got a bottle of Midori (haven’t drunk that stuff since I was 17!), Matt got JD and Fraser got a toy spaniel. I see some Midori splices happening. :p

It was a good warm-up to the mammoth Christmas weekend that is approaching. This week i will have to get my ass into gear and finish shopping for the hordes as well as a couple of remaining christmas presents. We pick up the swing set one day this week.

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