CAnine Capers

Matt picked up our new furry friend yesterday. Tipsy spent the day at the office and then she was brought home. She wasn’t fussed about her bedding but today she has shown more interest in the dog hammock. Hopefully she will come to like her kennel.
It has been a stressful time. She has escaped from the yard twice and so we had to keep her inside overnight resulting in… a clean-up in the morning. I’m expecting that once she settles in an becomes used to us being her family she will not be so inclined to nick off. Matt is also planning on covering up any gaps in the fence this weekend. We have her on a 2 week trial so we’ll give it a proper go.

In other news.. we had a big weekend last week. Saturday morning we drove up to Sydney for Savanna’s 1st birthday party. The kids had fun splashing in the pool and riding the bikes etc. Then we visited B & D, stayed at Mum and Dad’s and then went to Aunty Ann’s christmas party. Fraser got lots of great presents. A handmade wooden tractor, the Little People stables and horses, a shape-sorter snail that is also a drum, and a couple of other bits and pieces.
Matt and I got more Bunnings vouchers from Mum and Dad. I think I’ll buy some edging for my garden beds, and a trenching shovel.

I have more to post about but I’ll come back later. Things to do.

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