Last Saturday’s Christmas party went well. Fraser was tired though and just wouldn’t sleep in his stroller. So he got cranky and whingey through the day. Nonetheless he was still reasonably well behaved for Santa. He got Scoop from Bob the Builder and loved it straight away. Savanna got a pull-along barking dog.
On Wednesday we went into town for the TAFE art exhibition. I had 2 photos up so we all went it to check it out. A couple of my class mates sold theirs so that added a bit of excitement to the occasion.
Yesterday we had a big day. In the morning I met Matt at the Sth Goulburn Maccas and we met a lady that rehomes dogs. She had brought 2 dogs with her that she thought might be suitable for our situation. Tipsy is a 4 yr old labrador/kelpie cross and Little Tanner is a 4 yr old pomeranian cross. Matt’s pretty keen on Tipsy. They’re both outside dogs and have basic training. We’re thinking about it for a few days and will meet up with Rhonda again next Thursday if we decide to go ahead. In the meantime, we have a small section of fence to finish and we’d need to buy all the dog-related gear.
After meeting the dogs Fraser and I went and picked up my exhibited photos from TAFE and followed that with shopping. We attempted the Santa photo at the shopping mall and to everyone’s surprise it went very well. No crying or carrying on at all. Fraser sat on Santas lap and Mrs Claus gave him a Centro reindeer.

We also had the interview with the daycare centre. They called to confirm our place on Tuesday so we went along yesterday to fill out the paperwork and have a look around. It’s a big place with 14 kids in the 2-3yr room. He went up and down the big slippery dip they have. I can see Fraser having alot of fun there. He starts on the 9th January.

Today we’re going to Exeter for lunch with a friend of Mum’s and then we’re in Sydney for the weekend. Savanna’s 1st birthday party, and a couple of ChristmaS gatherings.

Chook update: A little birdy told me.. that Santa is bringing a chook shed!! ;)

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