Last week of school

Gerringong was great. We played board games, the kids played at the beach, we had fish & chips and great conversation. We’re catching up again in a couple of weeks with the rest of the mothers’ group for Christmas.

Fraser and I had our last day at TAFE on MOnday. I signed up to return next year but if I end up getting a job then I’ll think about changing to an evening class or not. I kind of started getting into the photography thing again in the last few weeks. Probably because the teacher started handing out more constructive feedback. The course will be a little different next year too, possibly with a second teacher in the mix. So I’ll see what happens. In the meantime, it’s school holidays but we still have a couple of weeks of playgroup left and Frase also has some extra TAFE daycare days closer to Christmas so I can get some shopping and appointments done.

I harvested our first snowpeas this week and potatos won’t be far behind.

And if you look closely at this next photo you can see carrots hiding in there amongst the weeds. As you can tell I have been a very lazy gardener and have not built garden beds. Hence the weeds have overgrown with the spring rains. After I harvest all the veges out I will wait until we build the garden beds before re-planting.

We went into town to do the shopping today. I picked up our Christmas tree off Layby and had to unpack it out of the box to fit it in the car. Then we went back to the shopping centre and I was very excited to see the Best & Less has opened along with a few other new shops. Easily excited these days. Anyway, thank the shopping gods for B&L because Kmart has forgotten to stock size 2 boys clothes. I swear, some days I have Target withdrawl. After the groceries I took Frase to the park in town. He played on the train and went down the slippery dip a few times. He doesn’t need our help to do it anymore. I was so proud seeing him go up the climb-y thing by himself.

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