Our bovine rent-a-crowd are yet to increase. One gave birth last Saturday but the calf was stillborn. We don’t know why but the poor mother was standing over the grave bellowing for a couple of days afterwards.
Two more to go.

Last weekend we were up in Sydney for Dad’s and MIL’s birthday. We had a gathering at a restaurant which went well. Fraser and Sav sat next to each other in their highchairs. Fraser doesn’t like to just sit around anymore though. He likes to get up and walk around and explore. It makes going out that little bit more hair-raising.
We stayed in a 3 story townhouse where Aunty Jane was housesitting. That was fun. So many kids toys. Fraser loved the kitchen set and the Little Tikes car. I’ve layby’d a swingset for Christmas.

Fraser and I went to Canberra through the week. We bought some Christmas decorations and curtains. The curtains are for the living room. They are a dark red with gold flecks. It sounds atrocious and they look bad in the wrapping but they coordinate so well with the fabric I have planned to use for covering cushions.
I think cheap and cheerful is the go when they’ll likely be smeared with dirty fingerprints for the next few years.
I need to get the window seats made one of these days.

Yesterday I hung some cafe curtains in the kitchen. I bought these pre-made from Spotlight. Kind of tacky and cliched but it does add to the feel of the place and takes that horrid bright glare away.

My head is spinning at the moment with Christmas plans. Everyone is coming here… and by everyone I mean everyone, (and their dog). So I’ve arranged for overflow accomodation at The Lodge up the road as we’ll have bodies everywhere on christmas eve and christmas night. I’m still waiting for my supersize tree to arrive at Kmart. I started reorganising the chaos in the office. I emptied half empty boxes into other half empty boxes and reduced the box count. I’m stacking them up against the walls so that we can fit a fold-up bed in there. Trying to work out whether to put the tree in the dining room or the living room. I think the dining room as that’s where the eating and merriment will take place. It’s also out of the general kiddie area and therefore less likely to suffer destruction. I’m wondering how I will seat all these people. This is quite a mammoth task and I expected people wouldn’t necessarily all come on Christmas day. Spread the joy across a few days, I say but it seems we’re more popular than I imagined. We have plenty of time to figure it all out and lots of room even if it does mean that people are eating their lunch sitting on the floor. I will have to stock up on plastic plates and cutlery in the meantime. I’m really looking forward to it. It should be lots of fun and reminiscent of my own christmas as a kid with dozens of cousins.

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