hooray for playgroup! I was feeling 100% better after we went to playgroup on Friday. I’ve come to the conclusion that Fraser and I went a little bit bananas with the school holidays putting us out of our usual social/play routine. Tantrums were rife from both of us by Friday morning. Once we got to playgroup Frase was happy wandering around playing with the different toys and I could sit down and chat to some of the other parents. Frase seems to be much more relaxed there now. He didn’t need me to sit down and play with him like I had to before the holidays.

Our little Optus dinner/breakfast party over the weekend went well. It was good to catch up with some of the work goss and they were good company for the weekend. All of us had baked or bought cakes so we had quite a cakey smorgasbord for dessert. Naturally, the cakes spilled over into breakfast. Yum.

Our guests left pretty early on Sunday morning and soon after that we headed down to Murrumbateman. There were lots of farm animals and machinery being exhibited. There was only one chook pen seller. The pens were expensive tractor-style domes.. i.e. on wheels. Around $700 for one of those. Pretty exxy for what we were after. The chooks were only $16 though. We’ve decided to just go ahead and build our makeshift pen with colorbond offcuts. Bummer that we didnt get our chooks but I did buy a number of natives tubestock for 50c each.

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  1. Are there any baby cows yet?

    Boo and I are hoping to come for a visit soon-see if Shan, Jane and Sav can come? Let me (or Boo) know!


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