I’m having a depressed day today. I made the mistAKe of doing a pregnancy test. Bah! I should have known to hold off on it. Unfortunately I’m just too good at talking myself into things. I had some signs a few days ago and was planning to wait another week or so but I was looking at my chart this morning and I just HAD to know one way or another. A pity that I was so hopeful about it. It was at this stage in my cycle that I knew I was pregnant with Fraser. This time I got a clear negative. I guess it’s not really over yet as tests are quite often falsely negative. I can’t help but think back to when we started TTC 5 months ago that I gave myself 6 months and would then reconsider. How fast that time goes. Of course, it’s too soon to call it quits but my confidence has really taken a battering this time. Well I ranted on about that stuff last cycle so I won’t bore you.

I’m depressed about the weeds everywhere. I need a whipper snipper or brush cutters or something to chop them all off. Then I need truckloads of top soil and mulch to plant in. I needs truckloads of sand to level the utility area between the house and tank so that I can have a truckload of crushed granite or something laid as a path. Not to mention the lovely lawn I want out the back. Truckloads of things to do but no truckloads of money to do it with. I need to babystep my way through the garden so I can stick to a budget and don’t freak out with the enormity of it all. At least it’s raining this afternoon.
I moved my citrus yesterday as all the leaves had been blasted off by the wind. The valencia orange still has leaves but they show evidence of wind blasting as well. They will appreciate this rain. I hope they recover.

I planted a few of my ebay lilly pillies today. The area where the hedge is going is chockablock full of clover and other weeds. I had to mattock it all away and I laid newspaper and some mulch down between the plants in the hope of stopping the weeds coming back too strongly. The people I bought the lilly pillies from sent me 5 extra plants because there was a delay in sending the package. The extra plants look like grevilleas so I’ll plant them down near the septic.

We have some optus people coming for dinner this weekend and on Sunday we’re hoping to get the Murrumbateman Field Day. There’s lots of stalls and information for small farms etc. Hopefully we can buy a small chook pen and a couple of chooks. That would be great to get a handle of things before we build our chook palace.

I handed the form in today for the child care waiting list that we went on several months ago. I requested Tues/Wed so we’ll see in a few weeks time if Fraser gets in. If we get in I don’t think I’ll bother with the photography course anymore. The teacher doesn’t really do much in the way of teaching and frankly, it’s a bit boring. If Fraser gets into this daycare I’m intending for it to take him through to school time. He really enjoys the interaction and different environment. Those two days will give me a chance to get a part-time job or study something.

Well I guess I should fold these towels that made it inside before the rain.

Oh! No baby cows yet.

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