Since my last post we had a nasty case of gastro go through the house again. blergh. Just before we took ill with it we had our Wollongong neighbours over for dinner so I was a bit concerned that we had served up some food poisoning. Fortunately, I confirmed with our guests that they were unharmed by our cooking.
Over that same weekend we had a couple of sets of friends drop by on the way through to Sydney. That was nice. We never had drop-ins while we were in Sydney so we certainly welcome them here.

On Thursday, Fraser’s grandparents arrived in town so I met them in Goulburn and they played with Frase for a few hours while I did shopping and had my hair cut.
On Friday we hired a kanga and did some earthworks around the yard. We moved some rocks, levelled some dirt piles and rotary-hoed the area for the vege patch. Yesterday I planted some seed potatoes there so will be watching that space closely. I spent a couple of hours down at the woolshed putting up posters for the bush dance.
On Saturday we prepared salads and set tables. We got down to the dance at 6.30pm. Matt helped with cooking on the BBQ and I was rostered to serve salads. We met lots of locals as well as one of the owners of the Greenwich Park estate. We got the inside goss on the new subdivision and had a couple of dances with our neighbours.
The band were a bunch of oldies that usually play in nursing homes. The only up-tempo song they knew was Click go the Shears, so it was played several times. Our neighbours kept assuring us that they usually have a much better band. Apart from the dull music we had a good time.
Fraser was a good boy all weekend and enjoyed spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. It was nice to have someone else around to get up and play with him in the morning. I got sleep-ins!

One of the cows is due to calve today. I have to keep an eye out for stuck cows.

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