Full tank

Sitting indoors today as it’s positively pissing down outside today. Matt says that last night we got 46mm of rain. It rained all night with a thunder and lightening show at around 1am. We both sat up in bed after the loudest boom of thunder, shortly followed by Fraser wailing in fear. So I get up and tend to him. It’s pretty clear he’s too scared so I bring him to bed with us. I’ve discovered it’s way more comfortable for us if he sleeps with his head at our feet and his feet at our heads.

He’s also got a bit of a cold at the moment and it’s bad enough for him that he’s gone back to bed at 8am the last 2 mornings. I’m worried it’s related to the swollen gland in his neck but I can’t hightail it back to the doctor for another couple of weeks in order for his immune system to settle down from Chicken Pox. If this cold drags on though and he’s still napping more through the day i will chase down a paed. appointment.

I’m itching to get outside and plant my new lavendars, banksia roses, blackberry and raspberry canes that I picked up from the post office yesterday. I’ll just have to wait for the weather to get over itself.
Our tank filled up last night. It’s the first time we’ve had water flowing out the overflow pipe.

I got the quote back for turfing out the back of the house. It comes to a bit over $1k. Matt’s keen to put grass out all over the place and that will be too expensive for turf. We’ll look into getting topsoil delivered and seeding grass ourselves. I hope we do something in time for Christmas.
Matt has organised some goons to come and finish the shed. They’ll come the weekend of the bushdance (8/9 Oct) and get it done. At least we won’t have to think about that anymore.
The garden is starting to come together in my mind now. I see a mass of hydrangea shrubs on the south side out the front of the loungroom and guest bedroom… I see fuschias and impatiens out the front of the dining room and office. Along the verandah I see tubs of impatiens. Along the fence at the front I see climbing roses mixed in with fruiting climbers – blackberries, raspberries etc… My vege patch will go on the SW corner.. it gets sun all day there and is sheltered from the wind a bit by the water tank. Lilly Pilli hedges along the W fence line. Pittosporum screen master hedges along the driveway coming out from the shed. On the eastern side of the yard I’ll have the citrus, mulberry, blueberry. On the northern side outside the bedrooms windows I’ll have the deciduous fruit trees. Now I just need to win lotto.

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