We had a good weekend away in the Hunter Valley. Fraser loved running around the gardens and playing with the fountains. It’s not so difficult taking him away somewhere now. We just have to be flexible with his evening routine.

Last night I couldn’t find any dummies so I put him to bed without it. He cried for a few minutes and then went to sleep anyway. Success! I heard him during the night but he went back to sleep again. He still wakes early – 5am but that might be resolved with daylight savings. So, no more dummies. He hasn’t forgotten about them yet as he just found one under the couch. Into my pocket it went. Give him another few days and the dummy might be a distant memory.

My snow peas have germinated. They seem to be growing nicely. I’ll need to move my citrus though as they can’t handle the winds. I’ll be planting some lilly pillies down that western fenceline instead to form a hedge and hopefully act as a bit of a windbreak into the yard. I’ll put the citrus over the SE side of the house because the should have more protection there and I can get the bioseptic water to them then.

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