Last cycle’s TTC was a bust. Used up all the OPKs several days before ovulating but judging by temps and what-not I O’d on day 19. I had the chicken pox vaccine a few days before so it’s probably a good thing really, that our new life-form was a no-show. I also started taking the foul-tasting herbs just about then so i guess they didn’t have much chance of working yet.

So … what else happened in the last couple of weeks? I’ve planted a few seeds and am waiting for them to germinate. Poppies, snowpeas, tomatos, brocolli, basil, shallots, capsicum, leek.. I forget what else. Hopefully, I’m pleasantly surprised in a week or two.

We went up to Sydney last weekend for a mothers group gathering. It was great to catch up and I’ve realised just how much I miss that regular contact with them. Also had a quick lunch with Bindy and Dan and helped the ILs buy a new computer on Sunday.

I managed to stop Fraser’s middle-of-the-night shennanigans. I had to let the poor kid cry for half an hour though. But he went back to sleep and hasn’t done it again since. Now to muster up the courage to ditch the dummy. I’m just not game yet.

This weekend we’re trekking up the Hunter Valley for mum’s birthday. I might have to buy a couple of cheap travel toys to try and keep F amused for the journey.

School holidays are on now so no TAFE and no playgroup. I was hoping to put F into the TAFE daycare for one or two days anyway but they’re closed to get carpets laid. Bummer. I was looking forward to a solo outing. Another time.

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