Sew far, sew good

I have spent the last couple of days bonding with my sewing machine. Yesterday I put together the doona cover for Fraser’s helicopter bedroom.

It’s inspired me to do more sewing. I’m used to threading the machine now and have learnt about the tension and stitch length. Now that I’m all inspired I’ve measured up the windows in the living room for roman blinds but that might be a whole other complicated matter. I’ll have to go to Spotlight and peruse the supplies and material for that job. Now for kitchen cafe curtains, curtains for the helicopter room…hmm what else can I come up with? I found a quilt kit that I bought off Ebay ages ago so I spent today assembling that. No idea what it will become but I need to find some material for the border and then work out what to do with it.

I have made a promise to myself to always have at least one art/craft project on the go. I really want to mosaic a tabletop for an outdoor setting but I need to find a nice round table that I can get a piece of timber cut for the top.

Fraser is slowly getting over his pox. It’s not so itchy now but he did keep us awake for an hour or more last night with his shenanigans. He woke up at 1am and wanted to come to bed but I presisted in trying to get him back to sleep in his cot. At 2.30 I gave up. :Maybe once the pox is all over…

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  1. Looks good muser!!
    I’m excited that you’re getting into sewing. We should go on a fabric hoarding expedition next time you’re in Sydney.

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