A pox on pox!

I’m not sure whether I blogged about our recent chicken pox scare. I thought I had a case of it so went to a Dr in town and he was confident thaT it was infected hair follicldes. Anti-biotics cleared it up and everything was fine. Until Monday this week when I picked Fraser up from daycare and noticed some suspicious looking spots. Off to a different doctor this time and she confirmed it as chicken pox. I explained my hair follicles incident and asked if I could have the vaccine as I wasn’t sure I’d ever had chicken pox. If I do get it at least with the vaccine it won’t be as bad as it could be. So poor little Frase is itchy and spotty.
On a positive note we found the surgery where the Indian doctor will be working. The medical board have stuffed him around and he won’t be there for another year now but the principal doctor at this surgery is great. Dr Ruth will be our regular GP from now on.
I also asked her about a swollen gland Fraser has on his neck. I noticed it about 2-3 months ago. The first doctor we saw down here dismissed it as no drama. Dr Mel reassured me that sinister things are usually hard and immobile so it probably just hadn’t settled down after his previous bout of illness yet. Dr Ruth said to wait until the chicken pox has passed and give it another few weeks after that for the glands to all settle down and if this one is still enlarged in isolation I can see the visiting paediatrician. He comes down from Bowral once a fortnight. I’m not too stressed as Fraser is still his regular happy self but I would like to know why this gland is up all the time.

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