A Little Rant

I don’t think I need to be secretive about this. Most people that read this blog are aware that I’m trying to get pregnant again. So I’d just like to have a little rant.

This is my fourth cycle off contraception. In my naivete I thought pregnancy a second time around would be almost instantaneous. I know it’s only been 3 months. In the grand scheme of things it isn’t a long time. Some of my blogging friends have been at it for years. It’s not so much the length of time that gets to me. It’s the fact that I must work to conjure up a pregnancy instead of it just “happening”. I object to feeling like I need intervention. I’m annoyed that I didn’t start trying much earlier to allow for this time to go by. In my mother’s group there are 3 mums who are pregnant already (one with twins). At least one of them got pregnant again as soon as she started trying. Arggggh! Why not me?!

Fraser took 12 months to conceive. That was after 2 acupuncture sessions and chinese medicine. I had also just demanded a referral to a gyno after having a pelvic ultrasound. As it happens, that ultrasound showed follicles about to burst forth with an egg. That egg was the lucky participant in Fraser’s conception.

Here I am again…. wondering if I should just go straight to the quack for some hippy medicine in case that was the catalyst for success last time. Part of me feel like waiting and letting things happen naturally. The rest of me can’t stand waiting.
I have heard good things of a concoction called “pregnancy drops” which are available from a pharmacy in Sydney. I have called and ordered some.

I have been trying to chart my temperature for the last 2 cycles but I’m not consistent because I get up for Fraser and forget to temp. So this cycle I have an ovulation predictor kit at the ready.

Well that’s enough feeling sorry for myself. I have a plan for the next 2 cycles at least.


  1. I say go to the quack. It can only help the situation, its going to make you feel like you’re doing something about it and thus more at ease.
    Besides it mean another trip to Sydney, coffee?

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