Happy Monday

I didn’t do much work at TAFE yesterday as I hadn’t finished my roll of film but Fraser had a good day at childcare. I asked one of the carers how he was going. She said he had at least an hour of sleep and he has settled in really well. They don’t hear a peep out of him once I’ve gone and he barely needs his dummy or blanky. I feel much better now after hearing that.

Did more planting over the weekend. Dad dug up a whole lot of cliveas that I planted on the south-east corner of the house. They’re getting watered with bio-septic so should do well even with the minimum soil preparation I did. Not so sure about the agapanthus as I can’t get the bio-septic sprinklers out to them so they’re relying on my kindness. Lucky they were a cheap buy in case they don’t last. Speaking of cheap buys… I just made another Ebay purchase. 50 mondo grass plants for $14.50, posted. They’ll go on the southside too as they like the shade.

I’m having a landscaper from Marulan come and quote on seeding a lawn out the back of the house. Just enough to give some nice surface for Fraser to play on and stop the dust flying around. We’ll probably end up doing the job ourselves but I wouldn’t mind finding out a likely cost anyway.

Yesterday we were all in town together so had an early dinner at Pizza Hut. Hence the title of this entry. :)

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