Haircut 100

..actually it’s haircut 001. Fraser had his first haircut today. Just a tidy up. I took a before and after photo. $5 at a back-street hairdresser in Goulburn. I can’t pass him off as a baby anymore.

I planned on taking him to a toddler music session before we went shopping today but nobody was there. I’ll have to call the organiser and see what the story is.
My agapanthus also arrived today so I planted half of those and will do the rest over the next couple of days.

We’ve had a big week here so far. A 2 yr old birthday party in Bowral on Sunday. That was fun. Fraser ate half a piece of cake. There was a jumping castle inside and lots of little kids and toys. Before we went to the party we called in down the road to watch the neighbours shearing the sheep. That was great. I threw a fleece out on the table and apparently I did a much better job than Matt. ;)
After they throw the fleece out the manky bits of wool from around the edges are pulled off and thrown away. The fleece is then classed and added to the bale.

On Monday we had a tafe/daycare day. Frase is getting used to it there but still cries when I leave in the morning. Yesterday we drove up to Mum’s for the day and I sewed the top half of a patchwork doona cover. On the way back we met up with Adam and picked up his pet rat. We’re looking after it for the next few weeks while he’s away. Fraser is pretty fascinated by her.

No other goss here. Tomorrow is cleaning day. The place look slike a bomb hit it when I’m not around to do my usual weekly thing.

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