Rebel sheep

I was interrupted during my last post by a spontaneous decision to go for a drive to Bundanoon. We ate pies and went for a look through the camping spots at Bundanoon.

I forgot to mention that we had a some sheep wander up the driveway last Friday morning. They were happily eating our grass. Not that I care about that but they’d obviously come down the road. So I called our neighbour and asked him if they were his. turns out these sheep belong to his brother who owns some land down the end of the street and they had come over from 4 or 5 paddocks away. The sheep were herded back home again.

On Saturday night I went to a meeting with the locals to help with planning the annual bush dance. It raises money for the rural bushfire brigade. I was expecting that they would be getting it catered and we all buy tickets and have a lovely time. However, we do the catering, put on a bbq, and are rostered on to serve the food while people from around the district have a lovely time. Well, I guess that’s sensible. We’re kind of obligated to go because we’re residents and kids under 16 aren’t allowed so we’re gonna have to figure something out there.

Seems we’re the youngest residents in the area judging by the folk at the meeting.

Fraser is doing well. He’s started saying ‘BAH’ when I point to pictures of sheep. I’ve been focusing on ‘MOO’ so I don’t know where he picked the sheep thing up from.

The other big news is that I bought some agapanthus off Ebay. 40 small plants for $30. W00h00! Am getting some mushroom compost delivered tomorrow. There’s a guy that advertises 10x 40litre bags for $40 FREE DELIVERY. I feel guilty because it’s a lot of kms for them to come for only 10 bags. When I know how much 10 bags is I’ll have a better idea next time if I need more. aah well. I’m planning to buy some chicken wire and throw together some makeshift compost heaps this weekend. Matt has suggested getting Ben from next door over to rip up the ground for us. Not sure when we might do that.

Today I went and checked out a couple of the plant nurseries in town. Priced a few plants and discovered that the birch trees I got were indeed 50% of the price in the nursery. Sweeet. Lavenders and Gauras were $10-12 and citrus were $30ish. I think I’ll watch ebay for a while and see if I find anything better than that. Also looking for some Hydrangeas for the front.

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