Happy 18 month birthday!

I’ll have to cast my mind back as it’s been a while since I posted. My last post mentioned a trip to the mountains. Well that was the weekend before last. We drove up to Mt Victoria via Taralga and Oberon. Had a nice weekend though Fraser went schitzo in the portacot and wailed for ages. Loud enough to keep Reuben awake so that he went schitzo as well. So I got Fraser back out of bed in the hope that with him being quiet Reuben would go to sleep but that didnt work so I took Fraser back to bed and laid down with him on our mattress until he fell asleep. Lisa had to do the same with Reuben. Once we got past that noisy part of the night we just chatted.

Last tuesday I took Fraser up to Sydney with me (via a couple of Avon drop-offs) for a Spotlight and Ikea shopping frenzy. On Tuesday I went to Bondi Junction and the Spotlight there was really crap. Not much stuff and no black ribbing. Then I went to Target and bought Frase a little Bob the Builder outfit that was on sale. It’s a sz 1 in little boys as opposed to a sz 2 in babies. After that I went to the city and dropped FIL’s camera in to Whilton’s as the light metre wasn’t working even with a new battery.
On Wednesday we went to Spotlight at Birkenhead and bought some fabric to make Fraser’s single bed quilt. I got some navy blue big checks, red and white stripe, and red/blue/yellow/green little aeroplanes on white background. I just need to arrange the single bed now. I’m on the lookout for a single trundle bed. Mum has one up at the holiday house so I’ll make enquiries about cost of moving that down here.
Wednesday afternoon we went to Broadway and I had a massage while Mum wandered around with Fraser, then she went in for a facial.
Thursday we came home again via the camera shop, the Doctors, and IKEA. IKEA was a bit of a bust. I was hoping to buy a coffee table I liked out of the catalogue but when I saw it up close it just looked too fake. Ended up just buying a couple of wire basket drawer things for our wardrobe. At least our wardrobe looks much neater now.
I also took Frase to our old doctor at Rosebery for his 18mth checkup. As of last Thursday he weighs 10.8kg and is 82.5cm tall. He’s bang on average for both and Dr Mel was very happy with him. Dr Mel told me that she met a Dr at a conference who had just been posted to Goulburn. She liked him so much she would have offered him a job. Anyway, he’s Indian and has a British accent. I’ll have to track him down as I haven’t found a doctor down here that I like.
As you can see we had a very big few days. Fraser must have been pretty knackered by the end of it. Next Tuesday I’ll drive up for the day and we’ll make that quilt.

Fraser has a bit of conjunctivitis at the moment and he has 2 of the last 4 teeth coming up.

Oh yes, and a note to those who may travel down these parts. Don’t bother with the bistro at the Sutton Forest Inn. It’s really crap, has a small menu selection.. and they had run out of tomato sauce!! Who runs out of tomato sauce?!?

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