lightbulb moment

I’ve been feeling despondent today because I have all these things that i want to buy and do for the house that cost money. I was lamenting the days of having disposable income. We didn’t need to budget to save money to buy something, we just bought it. i was wondering why it was this way even on one income. Well, now I’ve realised. It’s because i didn’t have a desire, or even a need, to buy furniture and furnishings. So really, the disposable income sat there until we had some other moderately expensive thing to buy which was actually quite infrequent. At least I’ve come to that understanding. Now I just need to accept that all these things will have to wait until I have accumulated enough funding for one thing at a time. *sob*


  1. I know that when you are feeling that way nothing anyone else can say really helps, but just to remind you: the advantage of not buying furnishings and things all at once is that you don’t end up with a place that suited your taste at the time when you purchased everything, but doesn’t work so well for you now. I prefer houses where things are acquired one by one, when you find things you really really like.

    anyhoo, you have yet to give me a chook status report!

  2. Aw, chin up. I am the same. I want so many things for the house, and I am obsessed with expensive stuff. But I think you do tend to appreciate it more when you cant just go buying things all at once. I have become a fan of second-hand furniture, and doing it up. Maybe there are some cheaper alternatives to things that may not take so long to save, but just need some elbow grease.

    ps. I was going to use the expression ‘willy nilly’ in there, but I detest it. However, it has a comical sound to it, so I have added it here :)

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