A Current Affair is always ‘guilty’ of stirling reporting. You might remember my pet hate of Channel 9. With channel 10 peddling that Big Brother crap again we have no choice but to watch Ray for the next few weeks. Tonight they showed a piece on ‘the unpaid work of housewives’. They based their figures on hiring a nanny, a cleaner, chef and odd-job type person. Hiring all those people for the day cost $192. Annually – $70,080. Of course that doesnt take into account the lack of penalty rates for working every weekend, no sick leaves, no annual leave… and let’s not forget the getting up during the night. Compared to earning squat $70k sounds good to me but in the real world we’d be worth a squillions more than that and just like network operations, people only notice you’ve been doing the work when things stop working.


We went up to Campbelltown for dinner on Saturday night. Fraser had a kids meal – little CHicken Crispers and Chips. He sat there all evening and ate his chips and some chicken all without a peep of a whinge.

Today was our TAFe day. I developed some of the photos I took over the weekend. One of the horse, one looking up at a tree from the grass and a close up of the trunk of a gum tree. Apparently there is a Pentax K1000 in the second hand shop at Gunning for $160. They’re selling on Ebay for over $200 at the moment. It may be worth my while to take a trip down to Gunning to check out this camera, and possibly buy it. I’ve been told it’s in good nick, still with the original box and lens.
Fraser had a cry when I left him at daycare this morning. One of the carers told me he walked around holding our family photo for 20 minutes because it made him feel better. How cute. :) After I picked him up we did a quick shop at Coles and popped in to the Art shop to buy more film and some archive sleeves for the negatives.

I’ve indulged in Dominos pizza tonight, albeit reheated.


  1. This is WIN TV I’m talking about. They’ve switch everything around so they can broadcast their local news. There’s no way I would miss Neighbours! :p

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