Bovine Escape

Have been having a busy week this week. Last weekend we had the inlaws down. Matt and his Dad finished the roof on the shed and also put up the lantern I was talking about and the cutains in the guest room. The curtains are just wide enough to cover the window and consequently, the rod is wider than the curtains. Oops. It’s not a big deal but ultimately I would like to add a couple of narrower curtain panels in there of a similar fabric. That’s a project for some time in the future when I’ve had more sewing practice. Aunty Jane and sav also came down for a visit on Sunday. We got some cute photos of the kids having kisses and cuddles.

Monday was the first day at TAFE and Fraser’s first day back at daycare. From all accounts he seemed to have a good day though he slept for about 10 minutes so was pretty shattered when i went to pick him up. The photography course was pretty disorganised for the first day but these things usually are. It’s a darkroom photography course so I have to shoot off a roll of b&w by Monday. I also need to get my hands on a film SLR. Ideally a canon EOS body as we’ve already got lenses for Canon or a Pentax K1000. I’ve seen both of these on Ebay so I’ll just keep my eye out. It’s not worth me spending money on a new one. The teacher is Jon Lewis. He was talking about photographers and particualr images and stuff like that and got into a rant about photojournalism. That was interesting, especially as I’m particularly interested in photojournalism. This sort of work cheapens the art of photography and lacks real feeling. Well, yeah I guess so..but I’ve always been impressed by the visual impact of those photos rather than emotion.

Wednesday night the cows started wandering down the driveway. They’ve done it before (they found the gap in the fence) and we’ve just gone down and herded them back up but this time they ran away from me further down the driveway. I came back to the house and told matt and he drove the car down. Luckily Megan was over for the day and was just getting ready to feed the cows when they came to see her. So we’ve dropped a spare gate down to cover the gap until we can fence it properly onthe weekend.

Yesterday I went to a Christmas in July at Bowral. It was an EB meetup and we did secret santa and ate ham and turkey etc. Fraser had a great day playing with all the toys that were there. He was especially enamoured with a piano/xylophone toy and a little guitar.

playgroup starts back today so we’ll be going to that followed by shopping in Goulburn. It’s a bit of a round trip but we didnt get time to do any shopping yesterday.

This morning Fraser pointed at my mug and said “tea”. I believe we have just heard his first word. :)


  1. Hi Aprill, it’s JJ here from your EB group… just wanted to say hi. :-) I hope you’re enjoying your Secret Santa present. ;-)

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