I love mail

Woohoo! GOt my first Diggers club package in the mail yesterday. I got a few seed packets and my strawberry plant. I must buy some mushroom compost off the guy that advertises in the Post. $30 for 10 bags. I’m going to buy some Wildflower Meadow Mix to seed out the sunny part of the front yard. If it works, we should have a whole lot of pretty flowers there in time for summer.
Orientation day at daycare tomorrow. I called the FAO and estimated our income down by about $25k. That increases our rebate to %50-something. Sweeet.
Last weekend was good fun. We had Lisa and Maike from mothers group here with their kids and hubbies. The boys had fun playing and we’ve made plans to get together again in the blue mtns at the end of July.
Matt and CHris have just about finished the fence. Maybe it will be finished this weekend. We have Matt’s folks here for the weekend and they’ll be helping with various things. I’ll try and get that curtain up in the guest room, and if I find a bracket tomorrow I’ll get that lantern up in the bathroom.
Going to Kmart tomorrow to put things on layby from the toy catalogue. A chalkboard, tonka truck, and Christmas tree!

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  1. I am imagining things germinating on your windowsill ver very soon!

    Have you started planting anything? Has Matta made you a chook-house? I want details woman! You know I garden vicariously through you :-)

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