Green tufts

With all the rain of the past couple of weeks we can see all the new growth of grass poking up through the brown. Our tank is half full now. Hopefully we’ll get some rain more regularly from now on.
The Greenwich Park property are subdividing and the council are putting in a new road about 1km up from us. It’s a cul-de-sac and will be tarred. The first kilometre or so of our road up to the new street is also being sealed. So, looks like we’ll have a few new neighbours soon enough.
I got accepted into TAFE and Fraser has been accepted into the TAFe childcare. We’ll be going for a childcare orientation in a couple of weeks. I’m really glad Fraser will be getting back into some educational playtime. I need to call the Family Assistance Office again to sort out the Child Care Benefit stuff.
Matt and Chris worked hard on the fence yesterday and we now have a yard. There’s still a bit more work to do but I’m happy now because I can let Fraser wander around without him running away and I can plant things. I’m joining the Diggers club so I can get their newsletters and free seed packets.

I’ve been thinking about what fraser might like for Christmas. I know it’s a long way off but sales are on soon. I’d like to get him a sand and water table. I forget who makes it but he could be outside playing with that while I am doing some gardening stuff and I can move it around. He’s also shown lots of interest in the chalkboard that we have up in the kitchen. He climbs up on his red table and scribbles on the board with the chalk. He got pretty gipped by us for his birthday because we didnt have any room to put any big toys.

Next weekend we have more mothers group friends staying.


  1. Hang on a sec! You never told me you were starting at TAFE! What are you going to be doing? Why? Tell us more!!!!

  2. Yes, this was rather a spontaneous decision. The week after we saw you guys I had a brochure in the mail from the local TAFE. So I called to enquire and decided to followup. I’ve been pndering for some time, the idea of doing a uni degree or some such thing. But I just can’t commit to something that hardcore that lasts so long and costs so much. TAFE seems a good value option. They have cheap childcare and I get to learn how to do photography properly and not just automagically. One day a week. Can’t go wrong with that really.

  3. That’s a great idea! Sounds like it’s going to be good for you (arty, doing something outside home, etc)and for Fraser (daycare and mixing with other little kiddies). Perfect. Tell us all how it goes!

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