Well it’s been raining for about a week now, possibly more. We are part of the Sydney catchment area. Our dams have to fill up before Sydney gets it. We have 2 full dams and one very low dam. I’ve been hanging washing up on the airer inside to dry.
Fraser has learned how to ride his wheelie bug. He also does the action for ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ now. Cute.
We took him with us to his Uncle Boo’s 21st birthday party on Saturday night. It was at Campbelltown RSL in a function room. He wandered around looking at the people who were there and snacked on spring rolls and meatballs. He played with some blocks for a while and then at about 9pm he was pretty shattered. He was so tired but wouldn’t go to sleep on my lap or the stroller so he just cried for 20 mins instead. After that he settled down again. We left soon after that and he slept in the car.
Not much else to report. Been indoors most of the time. I’m preparing for tax-time.


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