Had a playgroup gathering at Romp & Stomp on Tuesday. We stayed for a couple of hours and then Frase went a bit feral with tiredness. Word has it that things got “catty” and the claws came out not long after I left. Don’t know what it was all about. Will have to get that goss tomorrow at our regular playgroup session.
Today we went into GOulburn with Matt. He went on an installation with GOulburn Internet. They need someone to help them with wireless installs and it pays $100 per install. So anyway, Matt went and did that while Frase and I went and did the shopping and other stuff.
Lay-by’d a pair of sneakers and a couple of bath mats from Kmart. Went to Coles. Drove around Goulburn and found the TAFE college. I went into the TAFE college and picked up an application form for the Fine Arts/Photography Cert II course. It’s on one day per week for 2 years and there is on-campus child care. When I go to enrol at TAFE I can enrol at the child care if there are spaces. If there are no spaces I’ll just reapply for TAFE in the new year.
After that we went for a drive to nowhere in particular and found ourselves at the big lighthouse on the mountain. There’s a lookout where you can see all of Goulburn. It’s all an ugly brown from up there, just like it is up close. It’s been raining today so hopefully things green up a little.

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