We’ve experienced our first childhood illness, apart from colds etc. Fraser seems to be finishing up a case of hand, foot and mouth disease. He kept waking on Tuesday night and would only sleep if he was with me. On Thursday I found some blister-looking things on his tongue and read through The Might Toddler. The symptoms listed for hand, foot and mouth were the same as Fraser was showing. Apparently it goes through day care and playgroups like wildfire every now and then. I guess he picked it up from playgroup Friday before last. Anyway he slept with us for 5 nights and last night had a pretty good sleep in his own bed with a couple of brief wake-ups. He seems to be happier through the day now too.

We had B&D and S&K come to visit for the weekend. Had a great time with lots of cheese and wine. We had roast beef with veg and salad. I made chocolate brownie for dessert but I followed a Donna Hay recipe it is ended up being a gooey chocolate mess. Tasted fine but structurally unsound. It’s not bad the next day though. Not the first time a Donna Hay recipe hasn’t worked. Not sure what’s with that.
On Sunday we went to the Old Bus Depot markets in Canberra. Lots of nice things and furniture. Will have to return when we can afford to buy more things for the house.

I have made a start on my first mini project. Putting together a photo album of the house building process. I just need to date and comment the photos now. Also bought a curtain track for the pink curtains we used to have in HUnters Hill to go up in the guest room.

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