Spent a couple of days in Sydney during the week. Matt has been up there all week working so we I thought I’d take Frase up to mum’s for a stay-over. We just spent the day hanging out there on Wednesday and then Matt and I took the opportunity to go out to dinner and a movie. We saw Star Wars which i really enjoyed. It married the old and new series of movies up nicely. I’d like to get my hands on the box set of DVDs when it comes out and watch them all.
Anyway Fraser had fun at his Nana and Pop’s house. He played outside, watched PLayschool and started to copy some of the things they were doing, he had a bath in their nice big bath, went for a walk with Nana in the morning, and danced to Row Row Row your Boat. On Thursday we trekked over to his Grandma’s house and saw Aunty janey, Savanna, Gram and Grandma and GRandpa. They were all well and happy to see Fraser.
Adam and Dee are down this weekend to help sheet the shed. I’m planning on making a quiche for lunch and roast chook for dinner.
Oh yes, Fraser has stolen and hidden the remote control for Myth TV.

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