Why do I keep looking at American calendars instead of my Australian diary. I was so thoroughly confused by dates that I thought I’d booked the whole long weekend up. Fortunately, I’ve now got it all sorted in my head AND on paper now. First up, we’re going to Sydney on the Sunday of the long weekend for a 30th birthday lunch. Then we’re back home and having Mum and Dad stay Sun/Mon/Tues. The following weekend we have B,D,K&S coming for the Sat/Sun. At first I thought that this was the long weekend and I wouldnt be able to go to the markets in Canberra but it isn’t and I can! So that’s all good. Now I just need to find some dates for mothers group to come for a visit.

Other exciting news is that I won a rug on Ebay. It’s two-tone red check and is quite big. I think it’s 160x230cm. I’m putting it in the living room up the end where the toys are so Frase can sit and play on it and it should absorb some of the noise that bounces around that room. So it seems the living room will be browns/neutrals/reds. Now to find some appropriate curtains and blinds for that room.
I have also ordered some curtains for the dining/lounge rooms. They are a polyester sheer voile in white. Should look nice on the green background. Cheap and cheerful.

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