Mucho Excitement

Well it’s been a while since I posted.
To recap a bit of my last post.. I was talking about implementing the one nap a day thing with Frase.. I should have learned by now not to expect things to follow a plan. Pretty much since I said that he has gone back to waking at 5.30 or earlier and needing to have the early nap again at 8.30.. sleeps for an hour then goes back to bed around 1.30-2 for another hour or so. I just have to accept for now, that each day will be different from the next. It doesn’t make any difference to our days but I like to know the plan.
No Plan for you!

Last Friday we had guests come for dinner and sleepover. Fraser’s other fairy-godparents, as it happens. I must say, I prepared a sumptuous feast. I handmade Mexican chili-cheese bread.. mm mmm… a whole caesar salad… stuffed mushrooms to go with our BBQ’d beef and sausage .. and a berry crumble for dessert. I was impressed even if noone else was. The things one can do with a food processor. Amazing.

Today’s excitement is due to me passing the test for my unrestricted license. Woohoo! I’m on my blacks and can wield a deadly weapon at 110km/h now.

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