Wow.. it’s been raining on and off all day today. Our insulation is pretty good. It’s pretty freezing outside but you can get away with just wearing another layer indoors. I don’t know if Goulburn has caught much of this rain but I guess I’ll find out in Thursday’s paper.

I put Fraser’s shoes on him for a little bit today just for some practice. He can walk in them quite well though keeps looking at them as he’s walking. Quite funny.
I’ve decided to make one sleep a day the norm now. If he wakes around six I keep him up til 11. Then he’s asleep for about 1.5 hours. The last 2 days have worked well with that.

Tomorrow, when I go shopping, I’ll have to buy Frase some crayons and paper. I read that they should be able to hold a crayon properly between 15-18months. I’ve never even given him a pencil to draw with. So that will be my next project. Helping him discover any artistic talent by giving him the crayons and paper.

We desperately need bookshelves. Does anyone want to get rid of any?

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