RIP finch

We have lots of finches that flitter about in the wattle trees. They fly about the house and sit on the roof sometimes. I was watching Dr Phil today and heard a bang. I searched the kitchen for anything that might have fallen over to no avail then forgot about it.
Later on I was taking Fraser for a walk down to the mailbox and when we got back I noticed the dead finch by the back door. He must have konked his head on the glass door. Poor finch. So small and had pretty red colouring.
I’ve been procrastinating about it the last few hours. When Fraser got wrapped up in Playschool I decided I should go out and bury it. So now it’s under the wattle tree out the front.
It looked like this one.

We found the indoor play centre in Goulburn on Wednesday. It’s very close to Uncle Bill’s house. It’s not bad though smaller than I was expecting but that’s because I’ve seen one of the Sydney ones that are huge. Anyway, this one has ball pits and stuff to climb on. We had the place to ourselves. Fraser had fun playing with the balls in the little ball pit and after a while he explored the rest of the place. He didnt want to leave but he was pretty tired so had a bit of a tanty when I bundled him into the stroller to go home. Will have to go there again.

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