Spent the weekend in Sydney for mothers day. Had a bit of a shindig at mums on saturday night. Uncle Tony rocked up which was a nice surprise. He lives on rural property in melbourne so we don’t see him much but he’s good for some farm conversation and nerdy chats. Matt and Uncle Tony yacked on for quite a while. Frase slept in our bed there as all the bedrooms were full and if he slept in his cot he would have woken his Great grandma up way to early. We tried to get him to sleep on the cot mattress on the floor but he kept crawling away. Goes to show he’s not ready for a bed yet.
The next morning was mothers day and we exchanged gifts and Frase ‘helped’ Dad bath Ruby. Matt was feeling ill so I didn’t get a sleep-in or breakfast in bed. Maybe next year. I did get a Darrel Lea Mum-E Bag though. Chocolate and stuff.

We had lunch out at Plumpton with Matt’s family. It’s nice to see a few of the next generation at these gatherings now. Sav, Harrison and Fraser. The boys walked around and around. We had a comical time trying to get a photo with the 3 kids. It’s not really possible.

Anyway.. onto the ‘eww’ of this post. We got home yesterday in time for frase to have his dinner and bath. So there we were in the bathroom. Me sitting on the stool and fraser in the bath splashing away. He stood up and went all quiet… then comes a poo.. right into the bath. Argh. I won’t bother continuing with the rest of the detail. Suffice to say, I hope it’s the only time I need to tell that sort of story.

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