‘User prays’

Went into Goulburn yesterday. Mainly went to have a look around and find a butcher. Found the butcher. Had a chat to Fran the checkout lady and got a discount on my whole rump. Sweet. She loved Fraser. Doesn’t everyone?

As I was wandering down the street I heard a few comments about the water situation. Goulburn’s usable water level is down to 11.9%. “What if we run out of water?” “Everywhere else is getting rain ‘cept here!”
It’s gotta rain some time.

Had a look at the Daycare centre in Goulburn that was recommended. It does look quite well funded. The waiting list has 2 other people on it so I think I’ll put our name down just for one day a week. Gives Fraser a day to play with other kids and get something a bit more educational than I give. $48.50 a day compared to almost $70 that we used to pay in Sydney.


  1. Hey Muser, I just want to let you know that I read your blog really regularly, and love it when I get updates on what’s happening in your world.

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