Had a busy time in Sydney. Shopped at Eastgardens on Wednesday after we arrived. Then we went scouting for cars and found a ’98 Outback in Rozelle. Put a deposit on it and thought overnight. Thursday morning we picked up the car and then I went and visited my old work and met up with Natasha and Noah at Marrickville. The boys had a play at the park. Friday we shopped at Macquarie and went out to dinner. saturday morning we visited Aunty Janey and Sav, went to Freedom and bought blockout curtains for Fraser’s room, and then came home.
I’ve added the new curtain panels into the other ones that were there. The room seems darker now but not actually dark. I guess because the curtains are white. Nevermind, I’m happier with it now than what it was.

Fraser is really weird today. Not sleeping at all. He had a 15 minute kip earlier today after I dosed him on nurofen. He has no. 11 tooth coming up so maybe it’s to blame. Last night he woke at 1.30 and refused to go back to sleep. Brought him into bed with us and he eventually went off.

I’ve made a vegie slice with the food processor today. Makes for good finger food lunches for Fraser.

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