Birthday surprises

Saturday rolled around and our babysitters rocked up. Fraser’s Uncle Boo and Aunty Loz came down to stay and look after him for the night while Matt took me down to Canberra for the night. We went to see Ross Noble (comedian) at the Canberra theatre and then stayed at the Hotel Kurrajong overnight. We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant before going out and it was really yum. I had kangaroo fillets with potato and chargrilled chicken with baby spinacha nd mushroom risotto for main. Very tasty. A pity we had to rush it as we were running late for the show.
Anyway, it was the first time we’d left Fraser overnight without one of us being there so it was pretty weird. B & L did pretty well even though Frase woke them up a few times during the night. I think we should do this sort of thing again. It was wonderful to go out, eat someone elses food, sleep in, and eat a leisurely breakfast.

Apart from our night away we’ve been busy with fencing, shed building and entertaining. We had the left and right neighbours come over for dinner on Thursday night. It seemed to go really well. Alot of laughter and local gossip. Sunday night we had the across the road neighbours for dinner. More local gossip. And last night we had Bindy and Dan come and stay on their way back from holiday.

Fraser has been honing his walking skills and is doing less and less crawling. He’s also started talking into the toy phone now. “bla bla bla bla”. Lately he’s been climbing up onto the couch and into his toybox. He seems pretty much on track for the 15 months milestones listed in “the Mighty Toddler”.

I can’t remember if I mentioned how he was babbling at the cows the other day when he saw them close to the house eating grass. he must have been babbling away for 20 minutes or more. I got it on video it was so funny.

This week we’re up in Sydney for a few days. Matt has some work to do up there and we need to look for cars. I’m planning on doing some homewares shopping. Hopefully catch up with some friends too.

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