Happy Birfday to me

I turned 30 again yesterday. Had a nice day in Bowral with Mum. Fraser showed her how he can walk now. Had lunch, went shopping, bought something for the house, had cake and coffee. Mum gave me a couple of magazine subscriptions for my birthday and a couple of bits and pieces for the house. Yay for magazines!
We heard from the insurer today that they are paying out our insurance. Very relieved to hear that. Trying to decide whether to go for a Subaru type of vehicle or a Rav4 or something.
Bindy and Dan dropped through today on their way to Vic. and gave me a present that they went halves with Matt. The CombiMax 600 food processor. Happy Anniversary to Dindy and Ban. :)
No more crying over onions or hand mixing. woohoo!! Now I’ll have to search out some good processor recipes. I think I’ll make pizza with spam shredded in the proc tonight.
Last night I made sausage paella which was quite tasty and the night before that we had a Cheesey Macaroni bake from the Super Food Ideas magazine.
No other goss here.. planning on investigating some Goulburn playgroups over the next few weeks.

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