For the benefit of those that don’t know yet, I crashed the car on Wednesday. I was on my way into town with Fraser to do the shopping and hit one of the curves on the gravel road to fast and slipped. I panicked and overcorrected on the steering and wound up bouncing off trees into more trees, landing the car on the passenger side. Wrote the car off, as you can imagine, but Fraser and I were ok. I had to get us both out the back window. I’ve been charged with Neg Driving and on top of that we didn’t realise the car ahd been out of rego since the 19th march. We moved here the day before so I imagine the papers got packed up during the process. So because of this oversight we may not get the insurance payout which really sucks. RIP Commodore, the Excel lives on.

Other news is, Fraser is now walking most of the time and very proud of himself. :))

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