Shhhh! We’re huntin’ rabbits

Matt’s gone out shooting with the neighbour and his 2 boys. Rabbits and roos. I asked Tony what he does with the roos after they’ve been shot and he said they cut the legs off and feed them to the dogs and dispose of the rest over the back. I imagine a pile of roo carcasses. I accept that’s just what they do in the country, especially as roos and rabbits are pests on the properties. They cause various types of damage, erosion and what-not. Nonetheless, I feel sorry for them. They’re just doing what they do and then the next minute it’s all over. Anyway, onto other topics.

We went to the Goulburn Workers club for dinner last night. It was quite good. Just your typical club atmosphere. Fraser was reasonably well behaved. Caught the attention of other patrons who remarked on how cute he is. Well, of course! He ate some chips and custard tart. I’ve been experimenting with home-cooked meals for him, as opposed to the toddler meals in cans that I used to give him. So far he likes chicken sandwiches and the microwave risotto i made using a can of mixed veg. He didnt like the tuna, tomato and rice bake. He eventually ate some corn fritters which I made for lunch today. I’m not much of a chef. I may well pass my vegemite sandwich preference on to him. Aah well.. now that we have our big side-by-side fridge/freezer I can at least pre-make him some meals. I’ve been giving him fresh fruit regularly as well as a daily serve of yoghurt. He eats grapes, peach..trying to get him into apples. I also made some banana muffins which he also eats.

I’m pleased to say that I have lost weight since moving here. Without even trying. My jeans now do up without my sucking my stomach in. My guess is Quick-e-marts make you fat! I don’t buy any junk except for the occasional bag of corn chips for guest nibblies. We don’t buy soft drink except my can of coke when I do the shopping. Well done to me.

Our shed has arrived in pieces and I believe it will be constructed next weekend. The guy with the grader was here today levelling the site out for it. We’ve ended up with a load of good topsoil that we can use to start some part of the garden. We need to get a wheelbarrow so I can shovel it all into place. I started a compost heap in a plastic garbage bin. I’d been putting the meat scraps in too and as you can imagine it’s now all maggotty. I knew that would happen but didnt think it would be quite so gross. Anyway I chucked a few kilos of ag lime in there and if they aren’t dead by Monday I’ll just bury it all and start again.. minus the meat scraps this time.

Fraser and I went for a drive into Bowral on Thursday. We were supposed to meet with some EB mums but it got called off and noone had a contact number for me. So we wound up spending a couple of hours hanging out in Bowral. Had lunch, had a bit of a look around and then came back home. Yesterday we had Playgroup. Found out that there is a bit of scandal going on at the pre-school. The director that was hired recently is leaving after only having done one term. She was hired because of her Primary teaching experience. The committee thought that the primary teaching experience would help set the kids up for school. Unfortunately it didnt really work out as pre-school kids go through different stages of development from primary kids. So now they have to find a new director, quickstix.

We’re in sydney tomorrow for a birthday party and dropping by Freedom. We need to organise some office furniture. Hopefully we find something sppropriate.

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