Go Large

2 weeks off the air is certainly long enough. I was pretty stir crazy with no internet. Thank the lord for crappy dialup at least.

This house is so large it’s positively cavernous compared to our old apartment. Taking a bit to get used to with the respect to managing the house with a toddler. Fraser was used to seeing me from wherever I was in the apartment. He needs to get used to me going about my business. The hardest thing is trying to plan meals and shop wisely so that we don’t have to go into Goulburn all the time.

I felt a bit anxious about it all yesterday becuase I’d been having dinner dramas with Fraser – he threw it all on the floor, trying to minimise TV time during the day, trying to put things away in the bathrooms without Fraser pulling it all out of the drawers. Further childproofing needed I think. The no-internet thing made it harder as normally I would have posted on EB about the eating dramas. But it seems I found the solution today anyway. Fraser likes to sit at his own table and chair and feed himself. The booster seat at the adult table is fine for breakfast it seems, but not lunch or dinner.

His chin rash has almost cleared up. It went fungal from all the teething drool so we had to put some sort of zinc-y anti-fungal goop on it. We’ve also gone down to one sleep a day which feels so much more draining on me. But I think that’s exacerbated by not having any routines in place here yet.

I sound so negative don’t I? It’s not all bad. It’s great waking up to see the wallabies and cows from our bedroom window. It’s great to have our own room and king-size bed. The nights are a mixed bag. Some morning Frasers wakes at 7, others at 5 or 6. Some nights he puts himself back to sleep after waking up and crying for a couple of minutes. Some nights I get up once or twice. I guess things will settle into a pattern after a while. He’s coped pretty well given we moved in the midst of nap changes, teething, and what-not.

Fraser isn’t walking independently yet but has stood up from sitting once or twice since I first saw it on Tuesday. He has been pulling himself up on things this whole time.

So anyway, back to the house stuff. I did mention it was big, yes? We still have a couple of bush-fire requirements to fulfill for council before they acknowledge that we live here. Lots of things to do here. Fencing in a yard, get some lawn happening, plant some windbreak trees. We have an empty loungeroom and dining room. We are planning on buying a second hand dining table and chairs from someone we know. Not sure about the lounge, or home theatre/office. We’ll have to do some major sums once we pay for our 20k power connection. Hmmpf. We were hoping Country Energy would let us pay it off but not so. Ahh well. Lawn seed is cheap enough and we’ll have neighbour’s help with fencing. The rest can happen as it happens. We’ve got everything else that we need.

Well that’s all I can manage for now. I’ll come back with more soon.

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  1. I stumbled across http://www.yurtworks.com.au/ on my internet travels today!

    I worked a kids camp here when I was at Uni and the people are really nice. You might want to get in contact with them (AND GET A YURT!).

    I’ve found some other random stuff if you’re interested too!

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