One more sleep to go! Matt and Adam moved everything from storage and our parents houses. Tomorrow we clear out of our apartment and spend our first night in the new place. No more moving, ever! w00t! That’s the plan anyway.
We’ll be having our first houseguests this weekend. Shan, Jane and Savanna are staying on Saturday night and Mum and Dad are coming down for Sunday. Matt’s parents visiting easter weekend.

Frase is teething again and it’s pretty bad for him this time. Dribbling so much he soaks half his shirt, he’s also given himself a nasty rash under his bottom lip. The last few nights he’s woken up crying from the pain and we’ve had to give him nurofen or panadol to help him.
He’s finally showing some signs of walking soon. He took a couple of unaided steps on the weekend but hasn’t done it again yet. We walk around holding his hand until he gets bored of it and sits down.


  1. whoo hooo indeed. Moving day is here.

    Good luck with the move. I hope bubs is feeling a bit better too once he gets that tooth out.

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