One Week

Ok. I’ve been slacking long enough. I left work one week ago and we have one week before we move in at the farm.
We had lunch at the pub for my last day. We crashed someone elses 10 years of service party. Anyway, $5 schnitzel was tasty.
I was a bit misty-eyed to be leaving but largely happy about it. Including maternity leave, I made it to 3 years service at Optus. The company I tried to stay away from years ago ended up having me the longest.

On Wednesday we went and did the inspection of the new house. Only a couple of minor paint related defects. We have the keys.
I went down again on thursday to let the carpet layers in. There’s an issue with the floorboards we ordered. the supplier ran out and then shipped a carton of the colour. Fortunately this colour is only a bit lighter so I decided to just go with this one as I’m too impatient to wait 6 weeks for the other colour to come in. The floorboards are meant to be finished on Wednesday next week. I spent a few hours down there painting Fraser’s room.
The area around the house is sorely in need of a bit of landscaping. I can see it becoming a mud pool as soon as it rains. But we’ll get to that as soon as the funds allow.

Fraser news: He had his shots on tuesday. Dr Mel weighed and measure him and he’s pretty much on average for height and coming back to average on weight. He had plateaued out for a while but that’s bound to happen as he only has to put on about 2kg in the next 10 months to stay on average weight for age.
He’s not walking on his own but is taking steps with us holding his hand. He also understands alot of what we say but isn’t saying any words himself. We can say “kiss for Bluebear” and he’ll go and grab his blue bear, (we’re quite imaginative with names around here), and bite his face.

Today is Aunty Bindy’s 30th birthday and we’re goinng out for dinner.

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  1. Yay you got the keys and everthing is starting to fall into place. Only one more week and you will be in your own beautiful home. How very exciting. Well done. Good luck with the move.

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